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Some of these are amazing. Wish I could vote twice. 

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Mimicking Mobile in 1 Click:  Making Published Tableau Views Act Cool

"The only Venn Diagram you’ll never need" - from Reddit.

"The only Venn Diagram you’ll never need" - from Reddit.

Are you running Tableau Server on AWS EC2 in Production?

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We want to understand your experiences around setup, performance, and so on for future improvement planning

#Tableau PM Neelesh Kamkolkar shows you how to load test Tableau Server with LoadRunner @hploadrunner

Another reason I love India. The elevators are zero-based. One-based elevators are for the weak-minded.

Dear Vivek - I don’t feel dumb. 

Vivek Ranadive, CEO of Tibco

Yes, so you know what’s happening is actually both Greg. So it’s selling to smaller businesses and that’s only a part of it. But a lot of these sales we’re running into is — I was speaking to the CIO of a major bank and Tableau has made significant inroads into the bank. And what he said to me is that look all the smart people know, they all love Spotfire. But all the dumb people they use Tableau. And I looked at them and said geez, there’s many more dumb people in the world than there are smart people. So that doesn’t give me any comfort.

Browser rendering and fixed size dashboards: still good for performance?

Short answer: Yes. Move along if you don’t care to sweat the details. 

Many, moons ago I posted this nugget and a couple months ago I saw an interesting thread that wondered out loud if the fact that we now do client-side rendering changes this rule of thumb. A lot of folks now take it for granted. 

Good news, it doesn’t. Even when doing client-side rendering in the browser, the lion’s share of the heavy lifting happens on the Server. Querying of the data source and creating the presentation model are server based. The browser simply draws things at the correct X/Y coordinates based the model which was created and lives in-session on the server. Those models can be re-used, and are more likely to be re-used if of a fixed size. 

So keep setting exact height and width, campers.